The best Mexican prostitutes in Tijuana

Tijuana can well be called the touristic capital of the northwest region of Mexico, for it’s situated close to the American border and accepts annually hundreds of thousands of vacationers from the neighboring countries, as well as from the most remote corners of the world. This resort is popular for its mild climate and warm waters of the Pacific coast attracting tourists and beach rest lovers. But the local nature and atmosphere aren’t the only advantages of the town, many young males come here to enjoy the skills of the local prostitutes.
These suntanned Latina girls are eager to realize all the fantasies of their clients, no matter how unusual they might seem. Their sexual competence is highly appreciated on the international level, that’s why the analysts of the site have studied the local erotic segment and found out where exactly in Tijuana one can pick up a prostitute without putting at risk his health and financial condition.

Where can reliable putanas be found?
It’s been a few years that prostitution is legal in Mexico, nevertheless, the official status doesn’t permit the sex professionals to lure clients right in the streets. This causes the girlies to cooperate forming small bordellos or to get employment with establishments of a wide range of services. One can pick up a prostitute, for instance, in such places as:

  1. Zona Norte. Here one discovers the local version of the Red Light district. Meeting a prostitute or finding an intimate salon is very easy here – bright signboards and loud-voiced shills will bring you right to the place of sweet intimate adventures. There are tourists from all around the world walking and policemen keeping the public peace and scaring away the representatives of delinquent groups. But pick-pocketing is still frequent in this district, though, so you’d better watch your valuable things and money.
  2. El Callejon. Here the prostitutes service their clients in rented apartments or motel rooms, to come across one in the streets would be rare luck. The local cuties prefer to publish their profiles in advertisement columns of printed editions or look for clients via the internet platforms like
  3. Primer Callejón Coahuila. This alley is a meeting venue for cheap prostitutes in Tijuana. They are prepared to please their clients in dark side streets and passageways. Foreigners are strongly recommended to come to this district in a taxi, quickly pick up a girlie and take her away to your territory, because the delinquency levels here are high.
  4. Escort agencies. If a tourist is aimed at VIP beauties of the elite category, he can be advised to address the local escort agencies. The prices for these putanas deluxe start at 200-250 dollars per hour, but you’ll be able to take them out to an expensive restaurant or a status club party and they won’t cause you any embarrassment. The VIP class prostitutes are well-groomed and good-looking. There is nothing vulgar or excessively sexy about them. In the street you’d never identify them as sex professionals. They can be ordered via an agency or contacted on the internet.
    Tijuana is known to be a famous entertainment center, so if you are planning to spend your vacation in Mexico, make it a point to visit this town. You’ll find here the unique nature, well-developed infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment and a huge choice of intimate favor offers.