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How much do prostitutes earn in Poland?

A Polish company researching earnings in Poland in various industries analyzed the earnings of women working as prostitutes. Sedlak & Sedlak has analyzed thousands of erotic ads on various websites. As is well known, prostitution in Poland is partly legal. This means that you can legally use it and women can earn as prostitutes. However, no one can earn from the work of another woman. Women’s rights in Poland are very protected, even those who work as prostitutes. They can pay social and health insurance.
 After analyzing over ten thousand social ads on the most popular Polish websites with ads. The agency said that a prostitute in Poland earns an average of PLN 183 per hour. This amount is much higher than the average daily salary in Poland. On average, over PLN 1,700 for an all-night sex service. Usually, prostitutes take 1500 or 2000 PLN for sex services. Younger and slimmer even 5000 PLN for the whole night.
 In Poland you can distinguish cities where prostitutes are the cheapest, such as Piotrków Trybunalski and Olsztyn. Olsztyn is a large city with many districts like Brzeziny, Zator, Dajtki, Gutkowo, Jakubowo, Jaroty, and Karolin. There, on average, a prostitute charges less than PLN 150 per hour of sex. In Olsztyn, an overnight service costs on average around PLN 1,300. For comparison, in Krakow, it’s hard to find a prostitute who takes below PLN 1500 for the whole night. The most prostitutes in Poland are in Wrocław, Warsaw, Poznań and Kraków. The prices there are also the highest.
 The monthly earnings of prostitutes range from several to several dozen thousand PLN. It depends primarily on the number of hours the girl will work. The other important condition is the woman’s beauty, and whether she is slim and shapely. The younger and finer the more eagerly chosen by customers. The third important factor is the services provided by the prostitute found with our listcrawler. Classic sex and blowjob in condom are usually included. Sexual services included in offers such as kisses, anal or face fucking usually require a surcharge. Most often you have to pay extra 100 PLN. You can also hire a prostitute for exclusive use then you can do whatever you want even to go abroad. Then such a sex service costs several thousand PLN per day.